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Light Design - The Dark Art | Seminar in Madrid

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The Dark Art Manifesto
Professional Lighting Design Magazine #91 | Jan 2014.
the full article here.

PLDC Copenhagen: The Dark Art Forum
Professional Lighting Design Magazine #89 | Sept 2013.
Download the full article here.

We are very excited to announce the Dark Art guest panel for the Dark Art forum at PLDC 2013, Copenhagen 2|11|13 16.45

PLDC official site.


Light design workshop [Máster de Diseño de Iluminación] IED Madrid March  2012
A practical light design workshop for the students of Máster de Diseño de Iluminación at IED Madrid.

Light Design - The Dark Art |
Article for Professional Lighting Design Magazine #79 | Oct 2011.

The Dark Art PLDC Madrid | October 2011
A self-running electronic poster presentation with film to be displayed throughout PLDC 2011 in Madrid. The presentation comprises both images and films which explore darkness and its relationship to Light Design.